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Turn Conveyor Table Curve Belt Conveyor with 45 90 180 degree

Short Description:

●Structure: this type conveyor is curve conveyor, which can be different angles.

●Application: suitable for connecting with other conveyors and machine.


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Hongdali provide different kinds of conveyors, like roller conveyors, curve conveyors, belt conveyors, inclined conveyors... At the meantime, hongdali also provide assembly line for home appliance. We are looking agents allover the world to be our agent for wholesale conveyors, wholesale conveying system, wholesale working conveyors, wholesale belt conveyors systems,assembly lines agent, we supply conveyors and assembly lines accessories, like motors, aluminum frames, metal frame, running conveyor belt, speed controller, inverter, chains, sprockets, rollers, bearing... also we supply engineers technical supports, and provide the installation, maintain, training for you. Hongdali is always looking forward friends from all over the world to work with us.

Turn Conveyor Table Curve Belt Conveyor with 45 90 180 degree, that is, conveyors in different angle, like 90 degree belt conveyors, 45 degree belt conveyors, 180 degree belt conveyors, are turn conveyors table, also named curve belt conveyors, conveyor curve belt turning machine,anti-static 90 degree belt curve conveyors, PVC belt curved conveyors. They are widely used to connect to other machines or assembly lines, or conveyors systems to make the products running in cycle/round, which will save cost and workshop space to be used effectively. The turning conveyor table, curve conveyors can be changed to roller type. Please contact Hongdali for detail, we have engineer team to support the projects.

Hongdali main products are assembly line, the automatic assembly line, the semi-automatic assembly line, roller conveyor type assembly line, belt conveyor type assembly line. Of course, Hongdali also provide different kinds of conveyor, green pvc belt conveyor, powered roller conveyor, non-power roller conveyor, gravity roller conveyor, steel wire mesh conveyor, Teflon conveyor with high temperature, food grade conveyor.

Hongdali have experienced engineer team and mechanical engineer team to support oversea projects. Our engineer team will help you to plan your factory based on your layout and guide you how to place the assembly line and conveyor. For installation, we will send engineer team to guide you how to install and train you how to use and maintain for the conveyor and assembly line. 

Product details Display

product details1
Curve conveyors can be curve belt conveyors, curve roller conveyors and also can be 45 degree curve conveyors, 90 degree curve conveyors, 180 degree curve conveyors...
Curve conveyors(turning conveyors) Dimension:
Inner Radius: must need before quotes
Useful Width: must need before quotes
Moving product size: must need before quotes
Moving product weight: must need before quotes
Expecting running speed: must need before quotes

Curve conveyors applicable industry

connect with assembly line

warehouse system

logistics industry

Carbon steel frame with green belt type curve conveyors

Carbon steel frame with roller type curve conveyors

Carbon steel frame with skate wheels type curve conveyors

Carbon steel frame with belt type curve conveyors for light products

Can be changed to stainless steel frame and blue belt conveyors

Stainless steel frame with food grade belt curve conveyors


Good quality motor will be used for the belt conveyor, the motor power will be set according to the conveyor loading capacity

Inverter or speed controller:

JET brand inverter or speed controller to be used to control the conveyor belt running speed, variable speed.


For LCL shipments, we use export wooden case to pack the assembly line.


For container shipments, we use plastic film or pallet to pack the assembly line.

Hongdali is the manufacturer of different kinds of conveyors systems and assembly line, include belt conveyors, roller conveyors, curve conveyors, warehouse and logistic conveyors systems, home appliance assembly line, electric products assembly line, laptop assembly assembly line, computer assembly line, tv assembly line, electric bike assembly line, air conditioner assembly line, electric water heater assembly line, washing machine assembly line...

Hongdali also provide different tools and equipment for the industrial assembly line, like screwdriver, air compressor, sealing machine, strapping machine, electronic soldering iron, chairs, forklift...Welcome to contact Shirley to plan your projects.

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