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Running speed and productivity of assembly line

The running speed of the assembly line is to obtain the number of stations according to the length of the assembly line, and then determine the production rhythm according to the maximum time required for each process of the assembly line to run. Of course, if the operation time is long, the assembly line can be disassembled. The household appliance assembly line makes the operation amount and operation time of each station to be same.

 assembly line

The standard man hours on the assembly line refer to the effective action time that directly affects the completion of finished products from parts to finished products under normal conditions, including direct man hours and indirect man hours. That is, the total effective working time of all stations for processing each piece (set) of product. The standard working hours of the assembly line are determined by measuring all the effective working hours of each existing workstation (skilled worker). The standard working time is calculated after considering the average balance of workshop production, the impact of environment on workers and the fatigue production information of workers.


The direct working time on the home appliance assembly line refers to the working time of the direct staff. Indirect working time refers to the working time generated by personnel who perform necessary management and auxiliary operations for direct workers on site, except supervisors and direct workers, according to the characteristics of the current workshop management organization. Standard labor refers to the reasonable amount of labor allocated by the production unit according to standard working hours and actual production conditions on the premise of setting production goals.

The production efficiency of the assembly line refers to the actual output standard working time. Actual labor force × 8.00 hours – shift work hours+overtime work hours. Assembly line is an industrial production method. Assembly line refers to the work that each production unit only focuses on a certain link. The assembly line can improve work efficiency and output. According to the conveying mode of the assembly line, the assembly line can generally be divided into seven categories: belt conveyor assembly line, plate chain conveyor assembly line, double speed chain conveyor assembly line, plug-in assembly line, mesh belt conveyor assembly line, suspension assembly line and roller conveyor assembly line.

 Before starting the household appliance assembly line with belt conveyor line, it need to check the support of the motor power head, tension tail and the whole belt conveyor assembly line. The supports stands shall be complete, firm and free from sundries. Otherwise, the workers must handle by the monitor and support workers. It is also necessary to check whether the bolts of the gear motor, reducer, hydraulic coupler and other components are complete, complete and firm, whether there is oil leakage, and whether the oil level is normal. Before starting the assembly line, check whether the cleaning device and various protective devices are reliable and normal. Check whether the joint of the conveyor belt is in good condition, and whether there are hard objects and blockages on the conveyor belt to cut the conveyor belt. It is also necessary to check whether the belt tensioner is normal and whether the tension is appropriate. Firmly check whether the guide roll, driving roll, support, hanger, upper and lower rolls and other parts are reliable, complete and firm.


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