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Project-Inverter assembly line and test line finished in August 2021

mass assembly line2

The inverter assembly line and testing line are designed to two layers chain conveyors, equip with material tray, keyboard tray, lamps, screw drivers, hanger for screw driver and spring balance, which are components for an assembly line and testing line. There are elevators at two ends of the assembly line and testing line, to make the pallets running by circle. This type assembly line and testing line, if your place is limited, then you can choose. Also the testing line or aging line can be set above the assembly line, that is, set overhead of the assembly line, then your trolley or forklift can cross the assembly line.

The pallets, we design into two layers, the top layer is round which can rotated 360 degree, this function is great help for operators’ assembling and testing; there are sockets on bottom layer, when operators do the assembling and testing process on the assembly line and testing line, then they can take the power from these sockets.

This assembly line and testing line, we equip with SOP by screen system. The screen can change the SOP contents automatically, and will save your papers for your production plans.

For the assembly lines and conveyors installation, please don’t worry. We have many successful projects, you can install the assembly lines and conveyors by yourself and we will provide supports by pictures/drawings/videos to show you how to install. Or We send engineers team to your place to do the installation and train you how to operate and do the maintain.

chain conveyors1

Post time: Dec-20-2021