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Planning and layout of belt conveyor component installations.

The tensioning device of the belt conveyor also needs to be planned reasonably. It is best to install it at the place where the belt tension is the smallest. If it is an uphill or short-distance conveyor with a slope of 5 degrees, a tensioning device should be installed at the tail of the machine, and the tail roller can be used as a tensioning roller.

The tensioning device must adopt a design in which the belt branch that the tensioning drum winds in and out is parallel to the displacement line of the tensioning drum, so that the tensioning force passes through the center of the drum. Generally speaking, the smaller the tension, the lower the energy consumption, the smaller the fluctuation range during the start-up of the long-distance conveyor belt, and the longer the service life of the conveyor belt.

Belt conveyor is a modern and extensive continuous material conveying device. In order to ensure that the conveying equipment can effectively complete the output of materials, the tight side and loose side of the conveyor belt must maintain a certain tension. A common method is to make the movable roller equivalent to the displacement of the active passive roller to make the conveyor belt tense. There are also multiple methods for the tensioning device, among which there is a winch-hydraulic cylinder combined tensioning device. The principle of the tensioning device is as follows: start the motor and the winch, and the motor drives the roller to drive the wire rope, so that the movable trolley and the movable roller fixed on it move to the right, and then the conveyor belt is tensioned. For example, the tension force can be determined by the rated output traction force of the winch, which generally meets the normal working requirements of the belt conveyor, that is, the conveyor belt does not slip when it is fully loaded. But the leather alone is not enough, and the hydraulic cylinder should be used to further tension to meet the starting requirements of the belt conveyor under heavy load, that is, the belt conveyor should meet the maximum tension requirement when starting. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the belt conveyor, this tension should be maintained at all times. One way to do this is to use an accumulator to maintain tension in the hydraulic cylinder. The automatic tensioning of the belt conveyor under different working conditions, that is, the follow-up adjustment of the tension, can be realized through other hydraulic control valves and electrical components to achieve the minimum energy consumption requirements for operation.

From the design of the belt conveyor system in my country, the maximum starting circumferential force of the equipment can be calculated by 1.5 times the working resistance of the conveyor. When the conveyor stops suddenly, the tape will have problems such as overlapping, slack, and coal accumulation due to too small local stress, which will greatly affect the performance of the tape, and even cause equipment failure. Therefore, in order to ensure the stable operation of the conveyor, engineers, especially operators, should have a deep understanding of its dynamic characteristics. In the actual operation of the conveyor, many factors will affect its dynamic characteristics. One of the purposes of continuously improving the structure and technical parameters of the conveyor is to reduce the peak value of the dynamic tension at the start of the conveyor belt, improve the adaptability of the equipment to the operating environment, and make it even It can also run stably in a relatively harsh operating environment.

In addition, another purpose of continuously improving and optimizing the technical parameters of the conveyor is to ensure that the tension of the conveyor in working condition meets the design requirements, so as to avoid the slippage of the driving roller when the equipment is running, or the occurrence of deviation, vibration and other failures. The boundary conditions that may change the dynamic characteristics of the conveyor come from all aspects, and most of the conditions cannot be changed through artificial adjustment. At present, only the driving and tensioning devices can control the dynamics of the conveyor through soft start and tension control. Therefore, at this stage, the industry mainly uses these two devices as a breakthrough to study the method of optimizing the dynamic characteristics of the conveyor.

Post time: Aug-24-2023