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How to choose roller conveyors and function of roller conveyors

Hongdali roller conveyors/conveyor rollers mainly relies on the arrangement of rollers to form a complete conveying line by conveyor rollers/roller conveyors. Roller conveyors/conveyor rollers can not only transport materials separately, but also combine with other conveyor equipment/conveyor line/belt conveyors/belt conveyors to form a complex conveying system/conveyor system. The transmission drum/transmission rollers, the main component of the conveying equipment, drives the conveyor belt by relying on the friction between conveyor rollers and the conveyor belt. According to its bearing capacity, the transmission drum/transmission rollers in drum conveyor can be divided into light, medium and heavy. The diameter of the same conveyor drum/conveyor rollers has several different shaft diameters and center spans for selection.

  1. 1. Light duty conveyor drums/light duty conveyor rollers: the bearing aperture is usually 80-100mm, and the shaft and hub are generally single plate welded cylinder structure with single key connection.
  2. Medium duty conveyor rollers/conveyor drums: the bearing aperture is generally 120-180mm, and the shaft and hub are mostly connected by expansion sleeve.
  3. Heavy duty conveyor drum/conveyor rollers: the bearing aperture is mostly 200-220mm, the shaft and hub are mostly connected by expansion sleeve, and the cylinder body is of cast welding structure. There are two options: one-way shaft output and two-way shaft output.

In order to increase the friction coefficient, a layer of rubber bottom with herringbone groove is usually added on the surface of the steel smooth conveyor drums/conveyor rollers This kind of conveyor drum/conveyor roller has directive and cannot run in the opposite direction. The roller conveyor/conveyor roller uses herringbone groove rubber coated roller. Even if conveyor roller/roller conveyor works in wet places, the reduction of friction series will be very small, because the groove can interrupt the water film without ponding. At the same time, when the conveyor belt/belt conveyor contacts with the roller, the surface of the conveyor belt can be squeezed into the groove. In many factories, the production environment is humid and the power consumption is high. Herringbone groove rubber coating conveyor drum/conveyor roller/roller conveyor is usually selected. In the roller conveyor/conveyor roller, the transmission roller is divided as a single point drive mode, which can be divided into single roller drive and double roller drive. Single conveyor drum/conveyor roller/roller conveyor drive is mostly used on conveyors with low power. Double conveyor drum/conveyor roller/roller conveyor drive is mostly used in high-power conveyors, because it not only has a compact structure, but also can increase the surrounding angle to increase the traction force that can be transmitted by the driving drum of drum conveyor/roller conveyor/conveyor roller.

In addition, the use of double drum transmission/double roller transmission can not only use multiple motors to drive separately, but also use the gear transmission device to make the two conveyor drums/conveyor rollers/roller conveyors run at the same speed. The transmission drum structure of drum conveyor/roller conveyor/conveyor roller includes steel plate welding structure, cast steel and cast iron structure. We can choose the suitable drum structure according to the actual needs and production environment.

In short, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of roller conveyor/drum conveyor/conveyor roller, Hongdali automation reminds enterprise customers to choose powerful conveyor manufacturers to ensure quality and after-sales service.

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Post time: May-06-2022