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How to avoid the temperature of the conveyor belt from being too high

The conveyor belt used in industrial production will generate high temperature during the continuous contact with the idler roller and the continuous process. Such a high temperature for a long time will cause problems with the performance of the conveyor belt. The temperature of the conveyor belt joint can have a maximum limit, which generally does not exceed the maximum limit of normal regulations. Of course, the maximum temperature that can be accepted by different conveyor belts is different, and the environment is also limited. The conveyor belt will heat up when it is exposed to direct sunlight in an open place. Then, in this scene, the surface of the conveyor belt Heat dissipation will be faster than a closed workshop. Even if the highest receiving temperature is not reached, it will have an adverse effect on the long-term use of transportation.

It can be seen from the above that even if the maximum specified temperature for transportation is not reached, it is impossible if it is too close. The rated temperature of the rubber conveyor belt is determined by both the rubber vulcanizer and the added accelerator. Most idler manufacturers generally set the temperature of the vulcanized components used in the conveyor belt to be higher in order to ensure the high safety of the products they produce. In this way, when the extreme temperature appears again, the transport will not collapse at the touch of a touch, and it can withstand long-term heat resistance and maintain a normal state.

Of course, the processing technology of transportation must also be improved. The vulcanizing agent material is one aspect, and the process of processing the technology of idlers should not be underestimated. Adding measures to extend the vulcanization time during the production process can easily ensure a higher level. In order to protect the performance of the transportation, it is recommended to use the idler roller as much as possible in an industrial base at room temperature or at a slightly lower temperature.

Post time: Aug-01-2023