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Different forms of assembly lines

It is usually assumed that the takt of the assembly line is constant and that the processing time of all workstations is basically equal. There are great differences in different types of assembly, mainly reflected in:

1. Material handling equipment on the assembly line (belts or conveyors, cranes)

2. The type of layout of the production line (U-shaped, linear, branched)

3. Beat control form (motorized, manual)

4. Assembly varieties (single product or multiple products)

5. Features of assembly line workstations (workers can sit, stand, follow the assembly line or move with the assembly line, etc.)

6. Length of assembly line (several or many workers)

The form of the assembly line

An assembly line is a special form of product-oriented layout. An assembly line refers to a continuous production line connected by some material handling equipment. The assembly line is a very important technology, and it can be said that any final product that has multiple parts and is produced in large quantities is produced on the assembly line to some extent. Therefore, the layout of the assembly line is affected by various factors such as assembly line equipment, products, personnel, logistics and transportation, and production methods.

Post time: Mar-14-2023