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Coating line and belt line

For the painting line, it can also be called the suspension conveyor line. It is mainly composed of a driving seat, a track, a chain, and a hanger. It is a painting production line, which is easy to operate and stable in performance.

According to Xiaoqin’s understanding, this assembly line is a more professional assembly line designed to better cooperate with the automatic electrostatic coating machine for spraying. The characteristics are: one-way automatic cycle turnover, the conveying line can also adjust the speed at will according to the painting effect of the workpiece, and the painting line can also cooperate with the spray booth to complete a set of automatic environmental protection work system from the workpiece on-line to off-line. Greatly accelerated its factory production efficiency.

The advantages of its equipment:

The layman is elegant in appearance, economical and safe.
Conveyor chains are more flexible and can also have small bends here.
It is convenient to change the conveying line and add it.
The conveyor has good wear resistance, low maintenance cost and convenient maintenance.

The belt assembly line can be used in the operation and production conveyor lines of the electronics, light industry and other industries, and can also be used in the transportation of objects in airports, warehouses and other occasions.

Imported belts are used, and the width and length can be produced according to the customer’s designation.

It adopts stepless speed regulation device, and the conveying speed is 0.5~12m/min. It can be produced according to the speed regulation range specified by customers.

There are long workbenches and independent workbenches for production belt lines. The standard configuration of the line body includes storage tables, lighting, sockets, craft boards, tool slide rails, etc. Tool boxes, drawers and other accessories can also be customized according to customer requirements.
The belt assembly line can be customized according to customer needs.

Post time: Aug-07-2023