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Chain plate conveyor line and roller assembly line

Chain conveyor line:

The entire conveying line of the chain plate conveyor is flat, suitable for larger workpieces to be operated and transported on it, and fixtures can also be installed on the chain plate. The advantages are large load, stable operation, and the workpiece can be directly conveyed on the line.

The chain plate conveyor line can be divided into: beat operation, uniform speed operation; the structure of the conveyor line can be divided into: straight line type, slope type, split type, curved type, mixed type. Widely used in household appliances, machines, chain plate conveyor lines, food and other industries. It can also be customized according to the requirements of use. This line runs smoothly and does not require tooling boards. It can enable large household appliances and locomotives to be assembled and produced online. It is also used in the logistics of heavy objects and has a wide range of applications.

Roller assembly line:

The drum line can be divided into: power drum line, non-power drum line, accumulation type drum line; its structure can be divided into: straight line type, slope type, split type, curved type, hybrid type, and the drum material has assembly line metal drum (carbon steel and stainless steel), PVC roller, rubber-covered roller, etc., you can choose the corresponding roller according to different needs, frame structure: carbon steel paint and aluminum alloy profile structure.

Application occasions: Drum line is suitable for continuous conveying, storage, sorting, assembly and other occasions of various objects, and is widely used in electromechanical, locomotive, home appliances, light industry, chemical industry, food, logistics and other industries.

Post time: Aug-18-2023