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Belt Conveyors Belt Slip Faults and Solutions

Today, Hongdali introduce the Belt Conveyors Belt Slip Faults and Solutions.

Belt conveyor is a common conveying equipment, which can also be called conveyor belts. Hongdali belt conveyors can be used in steel industry, aluminum industry, machinery industry, sound field assembly line, toy factory, tobacco industry, printing and other industries. The following are the belt conveyors faults and solutions of belt slip. We hope they will help you.

1、The conveyor belts tension is insufficient.

The power of the belt conveyor comes from the friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt. If the tension of the belt conveyor is insufficient and the friction between the driving wheel and the belt is insufficient, it will slip.

Solution: replace the belt conveyors automatic tensioning device. The automatic tensioning device can monitor the belt tension in real time, accurately control the belt tension, respond quickly and respond to the change of belt tension in a very short time. Or adjust the tension screws at two ends of the belt conveyors every week/month.

 2、 The belt conveyor is overloaded with heavy loading, that is, the products are too heavy for the belt conveyors.

The belt conveyor has rated conveying power at the beginning of design. In case of improper operation or excessive loading, the belt conveyors may have a large load during operation, and the motor or drum may fail, resulting in belt slip.

Solutions: ① control the amount of materials conveyed by the belt conveyor to avoid the risk of slipping or even failure of the belt conveyor due to overload; ② Monitor the current and electronic scale of the belt conveyor during operation, control the amount of materials and avoid overload of the conveyor. That is why Hongdali ask customers’ products condition, our engineer team need to know the belt conveyors and assembly lines motor power accordingly.

 3、 The running resistance of belt conveyor increases.

If there are foreign matters or large pieces of materials stuck in the upper and lower rollers and tail chute of the belt conveyor during the operation of the belt conveyor, these foreign matters will increase the running resistance of the belt conveyor, resulting in the relative displacement friction between the main drum and the conveyor belt. Over time, it will cause belt displacement and slipping and damage the conveyor.

Solution: shut down the machine in time to clean up foreign matters.

Hongdali always open to our customers for their needs and concerns, so that we can better assist you for the conveyors systems and assembly lines.

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Post time: Mar-11-2022