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Assembly line equipment use precautions

Assembly line equipment should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Before the equipment is used, check whether the workshop power supply line meets the load requirements required by the equipment; Whether the supply voltage and frequency are in accordance with the equipment regulations.

2, regularly check the connected parts of the wires, whether the connection is reliable and good, there are no rust spots and other phenomena.

3, regularly check whether the assembly of the parts is good, whether the fasteners are loose, and whether there are other foreign bodies inside the body.

4, before starting the motor, it is necessary to check whether the reducer in the main transmission system has been refueled; If not, should be filled with No. 30 oil or gear oil above the line, to be used 200 hours after cleaning oil change, after every 2000 hours after cleaning oil change.

5, the conveyor belt should be adjusted in time: the tightening device at one end of the line body is provided with an adjusting screw, the tightness of the conveyor belt has been adjusted during installation, after running for a certain period of time, due to the wear of the rotating parts under the working state of long-term tension, it will produce elongation, then rotate the adjusting screw, it can achieve the purpose of tightening, but pay attention to the tightness is suitable.

6, after the completion of each shift, the line body and the debris under the main and payment machine should be cleaned, and the equipment should be kept clean and neat and dry to improve the service life of the equipment.

7, in the process of use, the components should be placed in place, strictly prohibit paper scraps, cloth, tools and other non-assembly items online, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the production line.

8, every year to check and clean the bearing, bearing seat, if found to be damaged and not suitable for use, should be repaired or replaced immediately, and add grease, grease amount is about one-third of the inner cavity.

Post time: Jul-28-2023