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19-75 inch TV assembly line in Belarus

TV assembly line1

This is our project in Belarus, which includes TV assembly line, TV aging line, TV testing line, dark room, noice-reduction room, tv packing line with automatic sealing machine, automatic strapping machine. Their tv size is 19-75 inches. We design the function for tv standing up on the pallets automatically, don’t need operators to handle, save labour cost for them.

The tv assembly line we design to green belt type assembly line, which is designed with two layers, top layer for tv assembling, bottom layer for tv pad returning.

The tv aging line, tv standing on the pallets for aging on line, which is helpful for operators to handle.

The tv testing line, tvs are also standing on the pallets, and we equip with mirror to help operators to check the screen. We also set noice-reduction room and dark room for tv testing on line.

The tv packing line is supported with roller conveyors, automatic sealing machine and automatic strapping machine.

We sent engineer team to Belarus for installation and the equipments are working stable.

If you need to plan your factory, welcome to contact us for discussion, Hongdali have a experienced engineer team to support.

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Post time: Dec-23-2021