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Intelligent Lock Small Home Appliance Assembly Line

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Structure: this type assembly line contains pallets chain conveyors,which is semi-automatic assembly line

Application: suitable for small home appliance assembling/testing/aging online.

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Hongdali have experienced engineer team and mechanical engineer team to support oversea projects. Our engineer team will help you to plan your factory based on your layout and guide you how to place the assembly and conveyor. For installation, we will send engineer team to guide you how to install and train you how to use and maintain for the conveyor and assembly line.

This Intelligent Lock Small Home Appliance Assembly Line is mainly pallet chain conveyor, pallet conveyor and can be named auto pallet production line,automation line assembly equipment,automotive full assembly line. Small home appliances like camera, printer, juice machine, coffee machine... can be assembled on this assembly production system. The green pallets can be designed to different dimension, different material based on your products. HDL-B26 model is designed to ring/circle type, which is easy to operate and moving stable. This automatic assembly machine, automatic assembly lines are useful for gas stove, laser printer, scanner. The production line are general and suitable for different kinds of products. Automatic gas stove assembly line is also called automatic gas stove conveyor line, automatic gas stove production line. The tooling pallets can be produced with different dimension and with/without power sockets, which is designed according to products dimension.

Hongdali main products are assembly line, the automatic assembly line, the semi-automatic assembly line, roller conveyor type assembly line, belt conveyor type assembly line. Of course, Hongdali also provide different kinds of conveyor, green pvc belt conveyor, powered roller conveyor, non-power roller conveyor, gravity roller conveyor, steel wire mesh conveyor, Teflon conveyor with high temperature, food grade conveyor.

For tools and equipment, we provide like electric screw driver, spring balancer for screwdriver, electronic soldering iron, movable chair, anti static wrist strap, manual hydraulic forklift, sealing machine, tape strapping machine, laser cutting/engraving machine... details please contact us for more items. Hongdali provide one-stop service for you.

Design A: circle ring type

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Design B: bottom and top layers type

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This project laptop assembling line is designed to pallets assembly line on chain conveyors. The laptop, computer, pc are placed on the pallets, and workers do the assembling jobs on the pallets, the products are moving on the assembling line automatically. 

Frame material:

aluminum profiles and carbon steel with powder coating treatment

Power structure:

strong structure

good quality driven chain and sprocket


Good quality motor will be used for the assembly line. Famous brand CPG gearing motor.

ABB, SEW motor also are available.

Cylinder for lifter/elevator:

the pneumatic parts adopt products from AIRTAC


famous DELTA brand inverter to be used to control the pallets running speed, variable speed.


we provide different kinds of pallets with/without power for options.


famous DELTA brand inverter to be used to control the pallets running speed, variable speed.

Power control panel box:

limited switch(Japan OMRON), solenoid valve (Taiwan Airtact) and PLC machine(Japan MITSUBISHI), air switch with Schneider international brand;


For LCL shipments, we use export wooden case to pack the assembly line.


For container shipments, we use plastic film or pallet to pack the assembly line.

And laptop, PC, computer are stopped at every station. On the laptop assembling line, the laptop is standing on the pallets for assembling, testing and aging on line. Some customers choose simple testing, or long testing, or aging on line, but some customers choose testing, aging on the aging rack, which is equipped with wheels at the bottom, then the laptop aging rack, the laptop aging trolley can be moved to the fixed place easily. 

Also this type assembly line and aging rack design save cost and save your place, are widely chosen by customers. Also the assembling desk can be placed at sides of the computer assembly line, then you can do the material pre processing on them, also you can place your tools/equipment on the desk to support the computer assembling.

pallet assembly line standard design as below

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