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Smart Phone Assembly Line with Two Conveyor Belts

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●Structure: this type assembly line contains two belt conveyors in the middle and two working benches at two sides of the conveyor.

●Application: suitable for small electronic products assembling and packing.

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Product Introduction

Smart phone assembly line is also named smartphone assemble line, smartphone automatic assembly line, smartphone production line, cellphone assembly line. HDL-B1 assembly line is suitable for smart phone assembly line smartphone assemble line, smartphone automatic assembly line, smartphone production line, which mainly conveyor belt line, conveyor belt assembly line. This production is mainly for the assembling of semi-finished mobile phones. There are two running conveyors,two lines conveyors and products parts are moving on the belt conveyor. Some customers choose one running belt conveyor, that is also ok. Operators are sitting at two sides of the assembly line, they do the assembling jobs on workbench, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The SKD mobile phone assembly line includes welding, so the exhaust system will be set for soldering. Also we can provide dust-free shed, clean booth, which is used for dust-free processing in mobile phone SKD, sticking screen, sticking inner film. This belt conveyor assembly line, belt conveyor production line, belt conveyor line configuration will include air compressor air pipe, lamps, hanger for screwdrivers, products processing pocket structure, storage shelf, working table, sockets. This type belt conveyor assembly line,conveyor assembly line, can be used for mobile phone assembly line, smart phone assembly line, cellphone assembly line, monitors assembly line, electric shaver assembly line, electric grill assembly line,electronic product assembly line...

Hongdali also can provide some small tools for the assembly line for one-stop purchase, like electric screw driver, spring balancer for screwdriver, electronic soldering iron, movable chair, anti static wrist strap, manual hydraulic forklift...

Hongdali provide different kinds of conveyors, like roller conveyors, curve conveyors, belt conveyors, inclined conveyors... At the meantime, hongdali also provide assembly line for home appliance. We are looking agents allover the world to be our agent for wholesale conveyors, wholesale conveying system, wholesale working conveyors, wholesale belt conveyors systems,assembly lines agent, we supply conveyors and assembly lines accessories, like motors, aluminum frames, metal frame, running conveyor belt, speed controller, inverter, chains, sprockets, rollers, bearing... also we supply engineers technical supports, and provide the installation, maintain, training for you. Hongdali is always looking forward friends from all over the world to work with us.


Warmly welcome friends from all over the world to contact us for planning your factory.

1.exhaust system

2.air pipe

3.LED lights and hanger for screwdriver

4.processing pocket structure

5.lighting frame

6.storage shelf

7.running conveyor belt

8.guide rail for conveyor belt

9.working table

10.socket wire slot

11.supporting stand

Frame material option 1:

aluminum profiles(thickness 1.5mm)

Frame material option 2:

carbon steel(thickness 1.5mm) with powder coating treatment

Running belt:

Good quality for green PVC anti static belt


Good quality motor will be used for the belt conveyor assembly line. The motor brand is CPG gearing motor.


JET brand inverter to be used to control the conveyor belt running speed, variable speed.

Working table and storage shelf material:

We use 18mm thickness polywood covered with 2mm thickness anti static green pvc.

Work tables can be placed at two sides of the assembly lines

Work tables can be long work bench and fit at two sides of the assembly lines

Working table and storage shelf material can be changed to stainless steel material.


We use engergy saving LED lights with FSL brand.

Power control panel box:

There are clear button indication to show the operation, it is easy and safety to handle the belt conveyor assembly line


For LCL shipments, we use export wooden case to pack the assembly line.


For container shipments, we use plastic film or pallet to pack the assembly line.

Belt conveyor assembly line standard design as below

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